Love Life – Why I’ve disliked this TV show about a young New-Yorker’s love stories

Love life shows a total lack of feminism

It shows how hard it still is for women to know what they want and dare saying it.

How easy it still is for men to mess up with women and still have whatever they want from them.

In a pretty superficial way, you can appreciate the ride on this TV show, but is it uplifting for women to see that young women like her still have no pride when it comes to men? That they sleep with them so easily without even building any prior relationship with them?

I’m sorry but for me this TV Show normalizes, romanticizes so many wrong behaviors that it’s kind of sad. I know it’s realistic but to me when you produce a show that millions of people will watch, you should think of showing different types of women.

Women who not only are able to say NO to men who really have hurt them in the past, but women who can say YES to themselves a bit more. We see Darcy’s best friend saying when she’s drunk that she’s bored to death with her boyfriend but she sticks to him while they have no plans in common at all and then she tries to get him back after he’s left her.

If « Love life » has for aim to give a picture of what co-dependency is, it’s a win, but if it’s to show where women are now, it’s a failure because I think women deserve much better portrays of themselves. Women we should talk about more are those who dare saying NO to others and saying YES whenever it feels right to them, women who are not just following whenever anyone is asking for anything.

I’m sorry but I don’t recognize myself and the people around me in this TV show and I find it sad. It shows a very disempowered woman who follows the movement but it’s like she barely has an idea of what she wants with her life and she doesn’t even seem to bother to know.

It shows what happens when feminine energy isn’t balanced with masculine energy

Amazing anglo-saxon culture

And it’s the same about her friends. Do they even have a professional life? Dreams? Plans? The only thing we see about them is that they get engaged and get married and it really seems like the only point in their life. Come on?! Do you still want to raise your children telling them the only point in life is quick reproduction?

Love Life, how season 1 ends

And the season 1 ends with her meeting a new guy who tells her he’s addicted to betting online and he’s able to waste his whole salary on a bet. But he looks cute so it seems like it’s enough for her. He just puts on a smile, says that if people were meant to be perfect to be happy in a couple, there weren’t many couples. A very easy one for not to address your issues and feel responsible, right? Is this TV show meant to show the level where people are nowadays?

So yes, maybe there would be less couples if people asked each other to fix their issues before looking for some childish comfort in a relationship but at least the couples that would exist would be real and happy ones so they could give a good example of what things can be.

Darby clearly is that kind of women who had a dad who suffered from alcoholism so she goes into the love world to save disturbed men. At some point in the episodes, she discovers that her boyfriend has a full box of debts and she still marries him. How upsetting that is? Even with her friends telling her he’s a shady person, he bends the knees and she just runs…

Is this how the world really is right now or can we do better?

So yes, this TV show is kind of nice to watch in a way because the characters and the atmosphere are quite chilled and you’ll have a good time watching it. But you just have not to think too much of what’s going on in there and not to analyse things too much because then, you’ll get really upset.

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