More about « Spare », such an interesting book to read

Harry’s relationship with William

We learn that he calls him Willy and that during their young years at Eton, William asked him to pretend he didn’t know him. He didn’t want any relationship with him at school. No little brother on his back! Knowing the situation, we can imagine it was quite a lonely space for Harry.

Harry’s relationship with the British Press

It’s such a long story that started at a very young age for him. The press who has called him a skin head just because he let one of his friends cut his hair one day. The same press that said to the world that he had turned into a junkie, threatened him to publish that he had taken drugs, etc. What a nightmare for such a young man to be spied all the time with those people even ready to invent anything to sell more newspapers. We really feel sorry for what they have made him go through…

Harry’s experiences with hunting

We learn that he has been initiated to hunting at a very early age with some impressive rituals. He went to hunt and killed a deer. Then, they went to look the animal up and his initiator opened the deer and put his head inside the animal, face into the blood. Then he asked him not to take the blood off and to let it dry on his face.

We learn that he had been educated to hunting at a very early age by hearing adults talk about it. What they were saying is that in order to protect nature, sometimes you had to let it be and sometimes you had to act on it. In this case, with deers in Scotland, they were saying that hunting was a way to control the population to enable them to survive. Meaning that if there were less animals, then they will all have enough to eat during winter. Knowing nothing about hunting it was interesting to me to read their point of view.

Harry’s best friend, Henners

He formed a beautiful friendship with Henners at high school and then stayed in touch with him. Sadly we learn that his friend died in a car accident in his twenties, just before university. A silly car accident, where they were not even driving fast but as they were going for a short distance, they weren’t wearing their seat belts. Such as his mother…

Henners, Henry Van Straubenzee the best friend of Prince Harry

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